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Enterprise Mobility Suite

​​​The call for a mobile workforce is getting stronger with each passing quarter. Have you recently been asked by an employee why they can't work from home, on the road, from space? (Richard Branson thinks it will be here sooner than you think, but we digress). 

You probably would like to give your employees that autonomy, but the fear of your data getting into the wrong hands is enough to give a strict no. 

Now, you don't have to worry about Enterprise Mobility. We have just the solution to keep HR, Finance, Sales and Operations data within the employees that need it and nowhere else. Let us be the liason you need for your IT team to free your workforce.


​​Multi-device workplaces create new challenges for IT​

Today’s workplace trends:​​Obstacles for IT:
​ ​66%​​Nearly two-thirds of employees use 

personal devices for work purposes.

Loss of device control:  Multiple devices and platforms, both personal and corporate-owned, challenge IT’s jurisdiction over access, apps and assets. IT is still expected to provide peak- performance and consistent services across all devices.
70%of mobile employees are unhappy with the mobility capabilities they receive.Connection confusion:  Employees working outside the 

office connect to the corporate network in a variety of ways, from any number of locations—not all of which are secure. 
IT must manage connection permissions to data, while
navigating different devices and access information.​

20%of enterprise BYOD programs will fail due to enterprise deployment of mobile device management measures that are too restrictive. 

Gartner, “Predicts 2014: mobile
and wireless” by Ken Dulaney, 

November 8, 2014.

Increased security risk:  More devices create more risk: often devices used to access corporate data and resources are employee-owned and are used off premises.  IT must maintain security with less control over device and networking.
Multiple user identities:  A single employee may use a range of devices, often creating multiple sign-ons or user identities to grant access to corporate networks, data and resources, increasing the management and security strains on IT.


Start protecting your employees and their data while they're on-the-go and out of the office. With our EMS assessment package, we'll evaluate your environment and offer real-world solutions to mobile security and data compliance.

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Ready to find out more about EMS? Want more workplace mobility without risking data loss or a security breach? With this free trial, get 30 days to explore a complete Enterprise Mobility Solution with Intune, Azure Active Directory and Azure Rights Management.