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The market for data security services and software is expected to increase more than 7 percent this year to $90 billion, according to research from Gartner. Why? Organizations across myriad industries are grappling with hackers and cybercriminals on the hunt for easy-to-exploit enterprise network vulnerabilities. In fact, hackers conducted more than 42,000 separate attacks last year, according to the data security division at Verizon Wireless. This growing threat has companies scrambling to adopt cutting-edge digital defenses.

This development certainly excites the data security firms with enterprise-level product offerings. However, while this increased customer volume creates new revenue-building opportunities, it can also lead to technical complications. B2B Technologies recently partnered with a mid-market data security company struggling to deal with these growing pains. In the end, B2B developers managed to leverage their vast technical expertise and industry experience to address the business’ pain points and develop customized infrastructure that put it in a position to better take advantage of the market. Here is how the project unfolded:

A botched cloud transition
In November 2016, the data security company connected with B2B on advice from Microsoft. The firm and one of its external partners had recently attempted to transition an experimental on-premises product into the Software-as-a-Service format via Microsoft Azure. This move ended in failure. The company asked B2B to revive the non-functioning application and move it into an Azure-based cloud environment. The development team at B2B soon realized the project went far beyond a simple migration.

“We essentially rebuilt the front end,” B2B Senior Account Executive Tonya Smith explained.

On top of that, the data security firm had asked Smith and her team to update the application source code. This process involved adding automated data- and user-maintenance portals, along with several new reports and a customized data-export features resembling Microsoft Power BI.

B2B recoded the application and moved into an Azure environment within 30 days of the initial service request. The team delivered the updated features soon after.

Data security on the mind
On the surface, the prospect of working with data security clients may seem scary. These firms often market digital impenetrability and, therefore, hold business partners to the same standard. However, this was not a concern for the developers at B2B, as they code every application and conduct every cloud migration with data security in mind.

“We regularly work in the sensitive spaces like data security, financial services and health care,” Smith said. “So we use all of those data security best practices across the board.”

Understanding cloud migration 
This project underscored the importance of thoughtful planning as it relates to cloud migration. Services like Azure are immensely user friendly, but in some cases seasoned professionals like the developers at B2B might need to step in and offer the hard-won wisdom earned over thousands of cloud implementations.

“Companies developing SaaS applications cannot find the answers on Google,” Smith explained. “The insights needed here come from experience and our developers have it.”

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