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Microsoft Malicious Activity Detector

B2B Tech BlogMalicious Actvity Detector Advanced Security Flows with Microsoft Office 365Breaches That Happened  EQUIFAX Data Theft Attack took 75 days to detect. Estimated cost: $600 million May 14 Attackers breach accounts and start collecting information Jul...

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Powering College Sports With Power BI

We are announcing the availability of a new implementation of Power BI in the world of college sports.Designed for college athletic departments, the Sports Performance Dashboard is a powerful data analytics tool built on Microsoft cloud technology. It pulls together...

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Microsoft acquires cloud analytics company

Microsoft has acquired the cloud analytics firm Cloudyn in an effort to expand cost-control offerings for Azure users. Cloudyn, which launched back in 2011, produces cloud monitoring software compatible with Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google. Cost containment is a...

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Embarking on the Azure adoption journey with B2B

Enterprises are often confused as to how the Microsoft Azure adoption journey begins. According to B2B Chief Technical Architect Ralph Bolds, it all starts with an initial kickoff meeting featuring key stakeholders from the client and the managed services provider....

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Why it makes sense to outsource Azure management

The market for managed services is expected to grow more than 14 percent to $53.7 billion within the next five years, according to research from MarketsandMarkets. This figure most likely comes as no surprise to those following the information technology space....

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School Data Sync Transforms K12 Education

Having assisted more than 50 education customers with their adoption of Microsoft Office 365, the tremendous value of the platform is undeniable.  In nearly every case, hosted Exchange based email was the primary focus for B2B's education clients.  However,...

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Why OneDrive is right for your business

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are breaking down silos to promote scalability in the face of an ever-changing market. This sort of shift necessitates the adoption of new productivity tools that make it easier for employees to collaborate in cross-functional...

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What are Azure managed services and why you need them?

Since Microsoft released Azure in 2010, the cloud computing platform has achieved immense popularity. Today, more than 120,000 new users join Azure every month and an estimated 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies use it to access Microsoft Cloud deployments. However,...

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Understanding Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

Hackers often infiltrate internal networks via email, embedding harmful vectors containing malware and other malicious programs within false promotional messages or company communications. With one click, an unsuspecting user can download one of these viruses and...

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