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Managed Services

Can Managed Services help my business?

  • “How does my already overwhelmed team learn to manage a new environment?”
  • “What are my options if I don’t have a team to manage a new environment?”

Microsoft Azure has opened a world of possibilities for infrastructure and application needs to help your organization move beyond the limitations and hurdles that previously held you back. Today, the cloud can give a company leverage, speed and​ agility to overcome competitors in the marketplace, become faster with R&D, improve overall return on tech investments and more.

B2B Tech TrophyConnect with the Experts

B2B Technologies was one of the first partners chosen by Microsoft to participate in the Azure Circle Program. Since that time, we have made heavy investments in our team and education to become leaders among the industry with Azure implementations, migrations and integrations.

Reduce RiskClipboard

Eliminate the risk of the unknown for your team by partnering with known professionals who can deliver: 24×7 support.  This can include continuous monitoring of your servers, restore and backup services, server and network provisioning, database and SQL support and more!

Team Work Focus on Your Strengths

By allowing our expert team to handle managed services, your IT team can get back to work where you need them most.

Maximize ROI ROI Image

Get a handle on your Azure and application usage with a dashboard used to monitor CPU Availability, Service Uptime, System Uptime and Response times. Generated reports describing your Azure usage will allow making intelligent decisions for improvements or expansion.

How can B2B help?

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Provide 24×7 support

  • Respond to critical system down requests (Severity 1) within 1 business hour.
  • Respond to standard requests (Severity 2) within 2 business hours.

Server Backups:

  • Azure Backup (MARS) Agent
    • Backup files and folders on physical/virtual Windows OS machine
    • No separate backup server required
  • Microsoft Azure Backup Server
    • App aware snapshots (VSS)
    • Full flexibility when scheduling backups
    • Recovery granularity (all)
    • Linux support (if hosted on Hyper-V)
    • Does not require a System Center license
SQL Server Backup (SQL resides on VM not Azure hosted SQL)
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Application and Server Performance Monitoring and Reporting

  • Provide service-oriented dashboards in the following key capability areas:
    • CPU Availability
    • Service Uptime
    • System Uptime
    • Memory Utilization
    • Average Disk Read Per Second
    • Response Time

Hosted Azure Application Performance Monitoring and Reporting

  • Provide service-oriented dashboards in the following key capability areas:
    • HTTP Server Errors and Requests
    • Data In /Out
    • Memory Utilization
    • CPU Availability
    • Response Time

Server and Network Provisioning:

    • Virtual Machines
    • Networks
    • SQL DB on a Virtual Machine

Server Support

    • System Level Updates (Monthly)
    • Memory Increase
    • Capacity Monitoring and Planning
​Database Capacity Monitoring and Planning
Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Cloud App Services Provisioning

  • Provision Azure Hosted Web App Environment

Cloud App Services Provisioning

  • Provision Hosted SQL Server
Azure Subscription and Roles Management

Management of Enterprise Azure Roles and Portals

  • Establish new subscriptions; assist with improved bill management
  • Establish new accounts, departments, and subscriptions
Security Management

Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Load Balancer

  • More Control over SSL/TLS and Encryption Suites
  • Application Firewall Protection (AFP)
  • Ability to customize Firewall Rules
Additional Add-On Options
​​Restore: Quarterly Rehearsals
Business Continuity: Redundancy for Business-Critical Systems – Failover​
Server and Network Deployment: Virtual Machines, Networks, SQL DB on a Virtual Machine​
Database Support: Propagate database from hosted or on-prem to Azure​
Server Migration: Migrate server from hosted or on-prem to Azure​
Cloud App Services Deployment: Deploy/Migrate Azure Hosted Web Apps, Support for .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, ​and Ruby
Stress Testing in Azure: Health Check