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Cloud Architecture Review

The Challenges

  • I need to be sure that my virtualization configurations will be scalable, secure, robust, fast, and cost effective.
  • Azure is HUGE and growing daily, and I need to stay current with the changes.
  • I need to choose the most cost-effective design for my solutions.

We can help with that.

The B2B Architecture team can develop an architectural plan to meet your requirements or we can review and offer recommendations on your existing architecture.


The first issue that an Architecture should address is to define the business need or problem.  Azure offers solutions for many types of business needs including

  • Backup/Recovery/Disaster Recovery
  • Migrating on-premise systems and applications to the Cloud – LOB applications
  • Data Warehouse / Big Data
  • Web applications / Web APIs
  • DevOps
  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Media
  • Content Management (e.g WordPress)
  • Mobile
  • SAP on Azure


Components are selected to satisfy client requirements and to support the solution.

If your solution requires IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), the architecture defines the platforms (Windows or Linux servers – a wide array of computing capacities), security parameters and network topography.

SaaS (Software as a Service) solution architectures will define the services required (Web Apps, Web APIs, Service Fabric, Azure Functions, etc.) and the relationships between services that are required to provide the solution.

Most applications require data services, and there are many options, including

  • Azure SQL Server
  • Azure MySQL
  • Azure PostgreSQL
  • Cosmos DB – No-SQL document or graph db
  • SQL Data Warehouse
  • Azure Data Lake

Scalable,  Available, Resilient and Secure

The architecture will also define the features and configuration requirements to ensure that the solution is scalable, available, resilient and secure.  Scalable not only to meet peak loads but also to scale down during periods of lighter load.  Available when you need it with automated and/or manual failover mechanisms.  Resilient – the system automatically recovers from transient failures.  Security must be deisgned into the solution at all levels.

How can B2B help?

Call us at (404) 892-1500 or email us at info@b2btech.com to learn more about our distinctive Architectural Review process.